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Forget hard-to-manage Facebook groups. makes it easy for you to interact with your fellow allotmenteers. Simply sign up your allotment site and start discussing. screenshot

Everything you need for a successful online community gives you everything you need to interact with others on your allotment site.

Simple to use is designed to be simple-to-use making your members feel comfortable. No more searching through social media groups for messages.

Easily organise posts

Set up and configure tags to group posts together, making it easier to find similar content.

Built-in Privacy

Hide your posts from the world by making your community private, or keep it open to read for guests.

Registration Code

Require a passcode in order for guests to create accounts so that you can keep your community to strictly plot holders only.


All the tools you need to keep your community running smoothly with the ability to stick, close and delete threads, and edit or delete posts.

Printable poster

Easily share your community details by printing out the built-in poster which gives all the information you need to register an account including quick access with a QR code.

Account security

Members can enable two factor authentication that can link to a Google Authenticator app to give an added layer of security during login.

Image posts

We don't just support text posts - your members can attach a number of images to their threads and posts.

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